The things Blackhawks would do for their fans

We lost to the Penguins 5-4 last night (Well-played, Malkin, but you were against a rookie goalie in a power play during overtime, so. I’m just saying.), but it was the sort of game where we kind of won and lost at once? Jonathan Toews, 20-year old sophomore captain of the team, did something beautiful last night.

Double Hard Hat Trick Night

It’s basically a fucking drama, on ice!

So at the United Center they give away things sometimes if sponsors wanted to give away swag, right? And it’s usually cool stuff– bobbleheads, posters, bags (tomorrow I’m watching a game just to get a reusable tote, hah)– but last night? Last night it was construction helmets.

Yeah, I know. WTF.

But this is important to the story, I swear!

The Penguins scored 2 points in 1st period, then Jonathan Toews manages to score a point for Chicago, so we’re not really down by much after first, right? And a quarter of the way into the second period, Jonathan Toews scores again, bringing it up to 2-2.

People realize two things at once:

  • Jonathan Toews could end up with a hat trick
  • There are 10,000 people in the United Center wearing construction helmets

But Jonathan Toews has never scored a hat trick in his life, so I figure, hey, maybe the chances weren’t that good. He’s always scored two goals but never more than that, really, even if he is a stellar player and even in nights when his team isn’t completely on, he is still 150%.

Now, here’s the thing about Blackhawks that you have to know: they will bend backwards for their fans. When there’s some corporate promotion on, like, say, a giveaway of a Bic Mac to every person in attendance should a Blackhawks score in the final minute of a period or overtime, Kris Versteeg will score in the last minute of the third period. When the Illinois Lottery puts up a promo giving $1 million to a fan if a Blackhawks scores at exactly the 10:00 mark in 2nd period, fuck yeah Martin Havlat will do just that.

You see what I’m saying here?

So if it’s HARD HAT GIVEAWAY NIGHT at the United Center and you’ve put down 2 goals already, damn RIGHT you can expect Jonathan Toews will score a third.

And he did. And it was amazing. I was watching the feed and there were hard hats everywhere on the ice. Never tell me these boys don’t know how to bring in the lulz, plus he brought the game 3-2 in their favor.

And then the goal was disallowed.

High-stick, they said. Which is funny, because when Minnesota did the same thing in the last game against us, NHL officials let it stand. Bullcrap.

But they don’t know Captain Serious. I said– and I said it with complete honesty, because I know these boys have a history of being awesome– “Give the fans their hard hats back, because Jonathan Toews is SO going to score a fourth time, just to prove he can.”

And what do you think he did, guys?

1:55 into third period and it rained hard hats a second fucking time.


GOD I love these boys.



  1. Double Hard Hat Trick Night <—— ijove that..

  2. […] In February, the Blackhawks went up against the Penguins. On a night they were giving out hard hats to 10,000 fans, Jonathan Toews scored his third goal of the night to complete a hat trick– and because one of the goals was disallowed, he did it twice. […]

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