2009-10 Blackhawks Road Trips/Meet-ups

Thank you, Twitter. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything without you.

For posterity’s sake, here are a few potential road trips that are being organized/planned.

Home Meet-ups:

  • Is It October Yet?
    When: September 3
    What: Meet-up with @chollis; commiserate about the lack of games around this time
    Where: ??
    Details: tbd
  • Training Camp/Pre-season
    When: September 19
    What: Pre-season game against the Caps; training camp festival
    Where: United Center
    Details: tbd
  • Bruins with @sarah_connors
    When: December 18
    What: Bruins game
    Where: United Center
    Details: tbd
  • WC Rematch?
    When: December 20
    What: First home game against Detroit Red Wings
    Where: United Center
    Details: tbd
  • @witenike Comes to Town
    When: tbd
    What: tbd
    Where: tbd
    Details: tbd

Road Trips:

  • St Louis Trip
    When: February 6
    What: Away game at St Louis
    Where: Scottrade Center in St Louis, MO
    Details: tbd
  • Phoenix Trip
    When: March 20
    What: Away game at Phoenix
    Where: Jobing.com Arena in Glendale, AZ
    Details: tbd

I’d love it if you could comment with your Twitter username and let me know which ones you’re interested in going to see.



  1. Um… all of them? 😐 NOT KIDDING.

  2. twitter: augie2005:
    I have tix to the home games on 9/19 and 12/20 – sec 307, row 12!
    I am definitely up for any other home games, including the 12/18 game!
    I’m definitely interested in the St. Louis road trip, too!
    Phoenix road trip – would completely depend on how much it would cost, but keep me updated.

    Would love to meet to commiserate about lack of games on 9/3, but I have Bears pre-season tix 🙂

  3. Uh….this is still extremely, very *tentative* (I stress tentative….tix aren’t on-sale yet) but I’m really hoping to go to see the ‘Hawks in Carolina on Jan. 30, 2010. I have no idea if anyone would want to do a meet-up at the RBC Center then since hubby and I live in Charlotte (2-3 hrs. away). This would be my first game!

  4. We were thinking about doing a road game this season, probably St. Louis.

    I think we might do the Feb. 6th game.

    Twitter: @webnelly

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